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Start Up Business Environment 

Come join the growing list of entrepreneurs that are calling Hope their home. With so many lucrative opportunities for starting a business or taking over an existing one, now is the time to bring your idea to our community! The Economic Development Office is positioned to assist in business development that helps business individuals move step-by-step through the process. As a community connector, the office will help provide various tools and resources that will enhance your complex transitions. These services are provided at no cost,  and they will uphold confidentiality while you bounce your ideas off their sounding board. Whatever the idea or stage in progress, you are invited to contact the office for extra support. 

GROWTH: Business Licenses issued by the District of Hope

2016: 375
2017: 391
2018: 402
2019: 426

INVESTMENT: Building Permits Value

2019 – Total: 88 Permits
Total Value of Construction: $44,850,440.00


Business is booming, the employers in our area are currently seeking staff to help meet the demand. All business sectors are posting job opportunities ranging from entry level to skilled professionals. With so many great career opportunities around the corner our Economic Development Office encourages you to connect with employers directly or get some extra assistance from our area employment centre. The WorkBC Centre is here to help you find your next job.  You will be able to access job search resources, employment planning, skills assessment, training, work experience opportunities and more. Get started using online services or visit your WorkBC Centre in person.

WorkBC Employment Centre

895 3rd Avenue, Hope BC V0X 1L0

(604) 869-2279


Virtual Workers

Remote / virtual / telework / work-at-home is generally a work arrangement where employees do not commute to a central place of work on a daily basis. Virtual workers, having kept up with advancements in technology, have incorporated a flexible work schedule; meaning they can work from virtually anywhere, at any time, with the communication tools that are now available. Virtual work is more than an abstract, techy concept — many companies now pride themselves on having employees all over the globe. Being able to work when you are most productive increases efficiency. The trend for a remote workforce is accelerating with the recent global pandemic. In the near future it is expected that over 50% of all employment will be virtual and contract-based. 

Are you ready to have more time in your day for what really matters to you? Working virtually, you will likely have more flexibility with your working hours, allowing you to better balance family commitments. Picture yourself living in Hope. Feel the fresh mountain air filling your lungs and the laptop at your fingertips. Your daily commute is short and your free time is longer. Say goodbye to traffic jams and the daily rat race. Hope is an amazing place to work virtually because we already have a community of virtual workers (and entrepreneurs) who love living their lifestyle dream in Hope while enjoying a career that allows for flex time and professional growth. Work from home, a local café, or from a local co-working space. With ready access to fibre optic speeds that guarantee 250MB/s up and down, Hope has the infrastructure needed to stay globally competitive. Getting to your clients when required is easy from Hope with year-round access to major highways and an international airport within a 60 minute drive on a main highway. Trade in your hours of commuting for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Learn more about moving to Hope on our Ready For New Residents Guide: http://invest.hopebc.ca/move-here/

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