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Economic Planning

Execution of the 2009 plan saw the formation of the Hope Business and Development Society, which was rebranded in 2011 as AdvantageHIOPE.

In 2014, AdvantageHOPE became the contractor for the Hope Visitor Centre and incorporated tourism development under the umbrella of AdvantageHOPE. Creation of a single agency to oversee Economic Development and tourism initiatives was a strategic priority that had been identified in the 2009 business plan.

Once AdvantageHOPE obtained the contract for the Hope Visitor Centre, council identified the need for an updated Economic Development Plan as one of its top five priorities and, as a result, the Terms of Reference for the updated Economic Development Strategy were adopted in 2005.

To reflect the current strategic priorities of council the following updates were made, and priorities identified:

  • Population growth that is able to sustain the service needs of the economy
  • A base of sustainable jobs that will allow residents to earn a reasonable living within the community
  • Protection of the quality of life attributes that have made Hope an attractive place to live
  • A diversified economic base that is able to meet the local budget needs and improve District finances
  • Promoting a business-friendly atmosphere that fosters growth and development, helping to balance the municipal tax load
  • Becoming recognized as a provincial tourism destination, increasing sources of sustainable revenue to the community
  • Developing a vibrant downtown core that will attract residents and visitors and build a greater sense of community

The economic development strategies identified and discussed throughout the 2016-2021 work plan are organized by their respective areas of focus

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