The land at the confluence of the Fraser and Coquihalla Rivers has been inhabited and integral to the economic health of the region for 10,000 years. Established by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1848, Fort Hope continued the long tradition of the Sto:lo that saw this place as a natural resting and refueling point on the journey to and from the interior.

Overview of Hope, BC

The discovery of gold, silver, and other minerals starting in 1848 solidified Hope’s importance to the regional economy as well as our easy access to larger markets. The growth of the timber industry in the early 20th century further diversified Hope’s economy and brought strong ancillary business which supported the residents who flooded the region.

The late 20th century saw a decline in the resource extraction economy and a marketed growth in sustainable tourism, virtual commuters, and the tech industry. The future of Hope is strong, and we are poised for incredible growth in the coming years as Metro Vancouver continues to push eastward.

Hope is a member municipality of the Fraser Valley Regional District and is situated as a natural gateway between the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan/Interior. Four major highways, two railways, and two mighty rivers converge at Hope to give us unparalleled access to major markets.

Located at the eastern end of the Fraser Valley, Hope embraces the lifestyle of a small mountain community. Hope is transitioning to a service-based economy, providing an inviting place for young families and retirees with plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation and tourism. Hope’s intimate and stunning mountain setting allows one to feel alive and connected to nature, the community, and oneself while maintaining comfortable access to big city amenities.

Hope is at the Junction of four major highways, on the mighty Fraser River, and surrounded by two railroads. Hope has a regional airpark and a private heliport. It is a prime location for distributing and exporting goods. There are three major highway routes to the interior, and two highway routes into the Lower Mainland.

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