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Hope, Cascades & Canyons Tourism Region

Between the Coast Mountain Range and the Cascade Mountain Range, this hub of southern BC highways makes Hope a readily accessible destination from which to explore some of the most beautiful and dramatic BC wilderness. Within a half hour drive, there are awe-inspiring desert canyons, vast stands of coastal rainforest, rugged snow capped mountains, expansive alpine meadows and fast-flowing rivers. As shown on the map below Hope, Cascades & Canyons Tourism Region is designated by the province and our regional and municipal governments to represent the regions efforts in tourism marketing, industry development, and visitor services.  Our region beginning in Hope extends to Ruby Creek on Highway 7, Bridal Falls on Highway 1 West, Jack Ass Mountain on Highway 1 East (including Boston Bar, Yale and Nahatlach River Valley), Coquihalla Summit on Highway 5, and East Gate on Highway 3 (inlcuding Sunshing Valley, & Manning Provincial Park)

Hope, Cascades & Canyon

The Fraser Canyon

The Fraser Canyon is a delight to drive through. The incredible scenery includes mountains, rivers and lakes. Explore hidden tunnels and stop off at one of the historic sights along the way. Outdoor activities abound, try your hand at gold panning, visit the historic gold rush town of Yale, experience the thrill of river rafting or throw your hiking boots on and explore one of the many trails along the canyon.

The Fraser Canyon

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